Monte Construction Ltd

Shell and Core

Based on the information contained within the ground investigation report and depending on the type of structure being built, we are able to lay shallow concrete foundations, such as strip footings and pad foundations, set up foundation blocks, build reinforced concrete raft foundation and pile type deep foundations.

We may also assemble ground drainage, sewage and rainwater systems, gas pipe, electricity supply and communication systems along with the installation of the foundations.

According to the solutions proposed by structural engineers, we are capable to build steel, reinforced concrete, timber or masonry frame and construct the staircase of the building. Depending on the project requirements, we may build external walls from different types of bricks, blocks, concrete, wood, metal, install acoustic and thermal insulations along with ventilation systems.

We may construct a frame of pitched and flat roofs, assemble a roof decking, incorporate thermal and acoustic insulations, and set up water proofing and ventilation systems. Our roofers have extensive skills including everything from lead work and flashing to slate tile or thatched roof work.

Shell and Core